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OSHA 10-Hour Training

OSHA 10-hour training is recommended for all employees working in the Construction or General Industry. It is an entry-level course designed to teach individuals to recognize hazards and prevent injury and illness in the workplace. A Department of Labor (DOL) OSHA 10-hour card is presented to all students who successfully complete the 10-hour course. If you are a supervisor or an employee with safety responsibilities, we recommend the OSHA 30-hour training course.

Our online courses are OSHA-Accepted in All 50 states and satisfy all requirements of CFR 1926 and CFR 1910 for your OSHA 10-hour card.

Enrollment Assistance: (866) 959-6230
Customer Support: (877) 881-2235
Outreach Instructor: Curtis Chambers (email)

In order to receive your DOL 10-hour card you must complete the survey at the end of the course.


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Does online training make sense for you?

  • Roughly 1/3 the cost of on-site / classroom training.
  • Cards mailed in 6-8 weeks time.
  • Temporary printable certificate available immediately.
  • Set your own training schedule (2 days to 6 months).
  • Auto-save feature allows you to start and stop at your convenience.
  • Satisfy federal, state and employer compliance mandates.
  • 24-hour, 7-day a week phone, email and chat support.

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Why are people taking this course?

To Satisfy State, Employers, Unions, Organizations, and Job-Specific Requirements

The following states require safety training under certain circumstances:

New York State For all public projects valued at $250,000 and over, all individuals working on-site must complete a minimum of 10-hour of OSHA accepted safety training within the past 5 years. The online OSHA 10-hour construction safety course satisfies this requirement. Effective Since: 2008 Massachusetts All individuals working on a public jobsite must complete a minimum of 10-hours of OSHA accepted safety training prior to any working being performed. Workers found without proper documentation are subject to removal. The online OSHA 10-hour construction sfaety course satisfies this requirement. Effective Since: 2004 New Hampshire For all publicly funded projects valued at over $100,000, all individuals must complete the OSHA 10-hour construction safety course prior to any work being performed. The online construction safety course sastisfies this requirement. Effective Since: 2007 Connecticut All employees working on state funded public building projects valued over $100,000 must have completed the OSHA 10-hour construction course within the past 5 years prior to any work being performed.  Employers must provide proof that all employees have completed the program within 30 days of being awarded the contract. Employees found without proof of course completion are subject to removal. Effective Since: 2007 Rhode Island All on-site workers, including workers, contractors, developers and managers, on state and municipal construction projects valued over $100,000 must complete the 10-hour construction safety course. Law enforcement officers, federal, state and municipal government inspectors, and jobsite security personnel are exempt. Noncompliance may result in a fine between $250 and $950 per offence, per day. Effective Since: 2004 Missouri All contractors and subcontractors working on public projects must provide 10-hour construction safety training to their employees regarding workplace hazards. Alternatively, this training may be accomplished by providing a similar training program as long as it is equal to or more stringent than the 10-hour Outreach program and is accepted by the Division of Labor standards. Nevada All construction workers in the state must complete the 10-hour construction safety training course every 5 years. All supervisors must complete the OSHA 30-hour construction safety course every five years.

For Personal Betterment

The online course helps you develop safe work practices and valuable skills to protect you and your loved ones from the consequences of work-related injury and illness. Learn your rights, your employer’s responsibilities, and what you can do to ensure safe and healthy working conditions. Students who successfully complete this program will receive an official Department of Labor (DOL) 10-hour wallet card. In many cases, completing this training will better your chances of employment and help you gain a competitive advantage in the job market.

To Prevent Costly OSHA Fines

For many employers, the primary benefit of safety training is in maintaining a workforce that can recognize work-related hazards and act accordingly. If you have ever been hit with an OSHA fine you know that the cost of sending all of your employees to safety school is much less than the cost of a non-compliance fine or a lawsuit.



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